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About Us

SAFARIIS -  Syndicated Autonomous Funding Activities Reserved for International Investors in all Sectors 

What is different about Safariis?

Safariis is a site that enhances the role that everyone plays in society and in the workforce. You use our tools to curate and offer both products and services in virtually any sector of the economy.  Safariis develops and promotes blindspot technologies in an aim to render more ubiquitous the adoption of both former and current technologies out there at the most remote places on the planet.   

What are the characteristics of blind-spot technology?
These are the same technologies, with different implementation approaches from country to country or  from community to community.  With the same technology, the implementation that exists in the United States would be different in Mexico.  We adapt technologies to lifestyles  instead of the other way around.  In so doing, we observe that not only that our users embrace our technologies more with the least resistance, they also quickly move from being mere users to hardcore owners.  These types of  technologies’ aim is to fill voids that orthodox technologies are not able to fill.  The way you package and sell corn on Amazon in the USA is not the same as you might do in Ghana or Mexico for instance….  We will devote another video on describing more in depth the characteristics of Safariis blind-spot technologies implementation